In the 21st century law enforcement officers will be recognized as leaders in their communities and expected to be the catalyst where needed and partners when asked. Hence, the need for individual LEOs to study law enforcement leadership is paramount.

We all know that social solutions cannot be achieved by the police alone, there will always be a place for taking immediate offenders into custody to protect them and others. The long range goal of the civil community is developing proactive strategies which overcome civil inadequacies. The most cost effective model is through collaboration, it takes a village to raise a child.

The gap in police training until the advent of the Institute for Credible Leadership Development has been in the avoidance of teaching police officers that they are leaders; this is what I believe we are about. We teach Law Enforcement Officers how to be legitimate leaders within their agencies, communities and personal lives.

The embodiment of a credible leader encompasses trust and legitimacy, allowing those who aspire to be their very best to comprehend it and achieve it. In turn, the benefits to the communities they serve are nothing but positive.

Christopher Hoina, FBINA # 222


Mission Statement for a Legacy of Leadership
Law Enforcement Agency

Mission:  The __________ (Sheriff’s Office – Police Department) is committed to service, professionalism and career development.  We base this commitment in the firm knowledge that, Every Officer is a Leader.

Vision:  We strive with those we serve to build our communities as safe places where our neighbors are secure, stable and productive.  Thus we are dedicated to law-enforcement excellence by innovative, cooperative problem-solving, the pursuit of personal and organizational excellence and improvement while earning public trust by being exemplary stewards of that trust.

Strategic Intent: The ________ (Sheriff’s Office – Police Department) enhances the quality of life by our every action through exceptional public service anchored in respect for the rights and dignity of all people.  This is based on the whole person philosophy while hiring, educating, and retaining exemplary officers.   We recognize that quality policing is fundamental to our communities’ wellbeing and our way of life.

Core Values

  • Leadership:  We believe in leadership education for all organizational personnel.  We strive to assure that all personnel are the best public servants they can be.  This requires career-long education and training for personal growth with professional development.  We further believe that through continued leadership education we assure professional and fair relationships within the organization and especially with all those we serve. We believe developing the skills of leadership is critical and makes the use-of-force a rare occurrence.
  • Professionalism:  We believe in open, honest, and forthcoming words and actions. We treat all people with dignity, respect, and fairness. Our appearance, demeanor and credibility exemplify the highest standard in modern law-enforcement and public service.
  • Excellence:  We believe and pledge to challenge ourselves to achieve the very best results in everything we do personally and professionally.  We provide exceptional public service in a polite and responsive manner that surpasses public expectations.
  • Awareness:  We believe that with vigilance, we remain aware of our surroundings and thus the needs of our communities and how best to serve them. We are ready for respectful action and are prepared to successfully resolve any situation or threat to the orderliness and calm of our neighborhoods. We acknowledge changes and challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Knowledge and Skills:  We believe we must be and are innovative problem solvers in an ever-changing, demanding world. We further believe that the progress of an officer’s career rests on lifelong learning.  Thus we heavily invest in the growth and development of our greatest asset; our human capital.  We are a police department trained to protect and serve while recognizing that we are also charged to be guardians and servants.  We recognize that our people skills are as valuable as our tactical skills. 
  • Proactive:   We value being proactive and future-focused in all that we do in order to remain up-to-date, maintain order, enhance the public trust and reduce the incidence and frequency of crime.  We work upstream to remove the causes of crime in an effort to improve the well-being and safety of our community.  We work toward the rehabilitation of anyone in our custody and work collaboratively with the community to engage support and direction for those being released into our community.